How to Sign into Adobe CC with a Friends Account and Download Adobe Apps


1. Open a browser and go to
2. Click "Sign In" in the top right corner of the page
3. Select the button that says "Continue with Google" and sign in with your Friends Seminary Google Account when prompted.


4. You should see your Creative Cloud account dashboard.  Click the "View All" button in the top right corner to be taken to the app download page.  See screenshot for reference.

5. Select the "Install" button for the app of your choice.  You may see a pop-up that says something along the lines of "Permission may be required by your IT administrator." Click "OK" on the message if you see it.

6. Your file will begin to download.  Once downloaded, double-click the DMG file to begin installing.

7. Once fully installed, simply open the download app and sign in with your Friends Seminary Adobe account if prompted.  You will use the same option to "Continue with Google" that you did earlier when signing to the Creative Cloud website.

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