How to Airplay in iOS

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to Friends Seminary wifi. School-issued devices should already be connected.
  2. Open Control Center:
  • On iPhone X or later or iPad with iPadOS 13 or later: Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • On iPhone 8 or earlier or iOS 11 or earlier: Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.
  1. Tap Screen Mirroring  .
  2. Select your Apple TV or from the list.
  3. An AirPlay passcode will appear on your projector or TV screen. Enter the passcode on your iPhone or iPad.


To stop mirroring your iOS or iPadOS device, open Control Center, tap Screen Mirroring, then tap Stop Mirroring. Or press the Menu button on your Apple TV Remote.


If you do not see any available Apple TVs in the Airplay drop down


  1. Make sure you are connected to the school's wifi. Note: Apple TVs will not work on the GUEST wifi network
  2. Restart your computer

For instructions on how to use the projectors, please click here.

If you’ve gone through all of these steps and you are unable to AirPlay, please submit a helpdesk ticket by going to or emailing  You may also dial TECH (8324) on your classroom phone to call the tech office.

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