Pairing Logitech iPad Keyboard

Pairing/Re-pairing  Logitech Keyboard


If your iPad’s keyboard is no longer connecting to your ipad please try the following instructions:



1. Open Settings

2. Select Bluetooth then

3. Select the ⓘ beside the keyboard and tap “forget this device”


4. Place the iPad in the typing position on the keyboard, the light on the upper right of the keyboard should begin to flash.(if the light stops before you are able to pair, please hold the Bluetooth button(beside the battery icon) for 2secs

5. Go back to the Bluetooth menu and select “Slim folio” from “Other Devices”

6. A 6 digit pairing code should appear on the iPad's screen. Ex. “123456”

7. Type this into the keyboard and press enter(on the keyboard)


The keyboard should now be paired.

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