How to Connect to Friends VPN (AnyConnect)

Step 1: From a browser go to

Step 2: Enter your username and password.  Use the same username and password you use to login to your school laptop.


Step 3: A page displaying the following alert will be displayed - Select CONTINUE


Step 4: A blue button will appear on the page that says "Download for macOS." Select the button to download the AnyConnect Installer. Once downloaded, double-click the installer to begin installation of the AnyConnect client. 


Step 5: Once you've completed the installation of the AnyConnect client, open the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client from Applications --> Cisco --> AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.  


Step 6: When the client shows "Ready to connect," Enter in the box


Step 7: In the following window, enter the necessary login information:

  • Username full school email address
  • Password (same password used to login to your school laptop)


  • You will receive another security alert and a reminder - Select Accept


The system will now grey out the name and switch to DISCONNECT, which means you have securely connected to the VPN and the Friends Network.  That's it!


Any systems or access you have on campus to folders, servers or websites will work normally. After you've installed and connected the VPN once, you will only need to complete steps 5 - 7 to connect going forward.

If issues arise, please submit a helpdesk ticket at


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