Google Meet - Scheduling a Meeting with Conferencing


Step 1: Go to and click the Create button in the top left corner




Step 2: Enter the title of your event.  Please note: The title will be visible to others on the Google Meet screen



Step 3: Set the date and time of your event and add any guests you want to invite by entering their email address.



Step 4: Add the room to the invitation by clicking in the “Add rooms, location or conferencing” field.  Then select Add rooms and search for the name of the room you’d like. Please note: This is the crucial step that reserves the room and puts your event on the Meet screen



If the room is not available when you search, it means has already been booked. You can confirm if it has been booked by selecting the “Available rooms only” option and changing it to “Include unavailable rooms.”

Step 5: Add video and phone conferencing by selecting the Add Conferencing menu and choosing “Hangouts Meet”  


Step 6: Click the Save button to save the event to your calendar.  You will be prompted to send the email invitation to any included guests.


Email invitations contain all the meeting details, including a link to join the meeting and a phone number to call in. See picture below for reference:



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