Google Meet - FAQ

Q: How can I share my screen in a meeting?

A: Go to on your computer and enter the meeting code or nickname. The computer will join the meeting just for screen sharing purposes. You cannot use the cable to directly to share your screen.

Q: Can I use this system with Zoom or Skype?

A: This system is only compatible with Google Meet. As well, the microphone, camera and touch screen are only able to work with Google Meet. However, you can plug your computer in using the HDMI cable and run Zoom or Skype from the computer.

Q: There is a feedback sound coming from the TV when a participant is connected.

A: The participant likely has their computer hooked up to external speakers. We recommend that anyone is not present in the room uses their laptop speakers or headphones/microphone to prevent feedback.

Q: Can users connect without a Google Account?

A: Yes. Once the participants receive the Google Meet invitation, they will be directed to a page to allow the use of their camera and microphone. On that same page it will ask for their name (required) and a request to join the meeting. Once they request, the touch screen and TV will prompt for someone to allow or deny entry into the meeting. In order to use Google Meet without a Google account, the user must be on a computer using either Google Chrome or Firefox as their browsers. iPhone, iPad and Android users must have the App and a Google account in order to use Google Meet. 

Q: Can I do international calls with this?

A: Yes, Google Meet provides international dial-in numbers. An international dial-in will provided automatically based on a user’s location.

Q: I’ve reserved the space on the calendar, but my event isn’t showing up on the screen

A: First, check that your event is associated with the correct room. If so, you can refresh the screen by touch screen tap the gear icon (settings) > info > refresh room display (refresh button). This will quickly cycle the screens on and off and update their calendars.

If it is still not showing up, hen on the touch screen tap the gear icon (settings) > info > restart this device, then tap restart. This may take 1-2 minutes. If it is still not showing up, please contact the technology department.

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