Software Installation & Requests

Default Software on Friends Laptops

By default, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Zoom, Adobe Creative Suite, SMART Notebook and Self Service are installed on all new Faculty & Staff laptops.  

Installing Third-Party Software

In addition to the pre-installed software, you can install other supported third-party applications from Self Service, which is the school's internal app store.  Self service comes pre-installed on all Friends laptops. For instructions on how to install applications via Self Service, see the link below:

How to Use Self Service

Beyond what's available in Self Service, you are permitted to install any applications you may need from Apple's App Store or other sources, but please be aware that the Tech Department may not be able to support various third-party software.

In general, it is good practice to speak with the Director of Educational Technology and your department head about requesting educational apps both for yourself and for your students before sending a software request to Tech. 




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