Quick Guide to Mac for Windows Users

The Basics

If you’re unfamiliar with using a Mac, the first resource to consult is Apple’s guide for Windows users. This guide goes over common tasks such as finding files, copying and pasting, taking screenshots and more.

Apple’s Guide for Windows-Switchers

In addition to this guide, see below for more information about essential tasks.


Accessing Files and Folders: Using Finder and Spotlight

There are two tools you can use to navigate your files, folders and apps.  The first tool is called Finder. Finder works in the same way as Windows File Explorer.  The second tool is called Spotlight.  Spotlight works the same ways as the search bar in the Windows start menu.

How to Use Finder

How to Use Spotlight

Applications & the Dock

There are two places to look to find your Applications.  The first place to look is in the Dock.  By default, the Dock is at the bottom of your screen and shows an array of common applications,  as well as the Trash (similar to the Recycle Bin on Windows).

How to Use the Dock

The dock does not show all applications.  To see all applications, Open Finder and in the sidebar on the left, select Applications.

System Preferences:

If you’d like to change a setting on your Mac, go to System Preferences.  System Preferences is like Control Panel on Windows.  

Customize Your Mac Using System Preferences

Connecting to Shared Network Drives: 

If you need access to shared network drives, the tech team will help you with the initial setup. Once configured, you can connect to your drives using the instructions below.  Please note the link below requires you to login with a friendsseminary.org google account.  

How to Connect to Shared Drives

Adding Printers:

You can add printers using the Printer menu in System Preferences.  For further instructions please see the links below:

How to Add Printers

How to Use Toshiba Find Me Print


If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, please see the instructions below for how to sign in:

How to Sign In to Adobe CC

Remote Access

If you need access to network resources when you are off-campus, you will need to use the Friends VPN.  The Tech Department will configure the VPN on your computer, and you can use to the instructions below to connect when off-site. Please note the link below requires you to login with a friendsseminary.org google account.  

How to connect to Friends VPN


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