Tech Department Contact Info

If you have a technical issue or request, please use one of the following methods for contacting the Tech department:

Submit a Help Desk Request: 

Go to → Then, select “Submit a request” in the top right corner

Send an Email:

Send an email with your request to

Place a Call:

Call extension 8324 (T-E-C-H) from any school phone

Submitting a help desk request is the best way to contact us!  It ensures all members of the Tech Department can review your request and helps us track and solve incoming requests more efficiently. 


The Tech Department is:

Scott Adamson, Director of Technology

Ed Lim, Data Systems Administrator

Ryan Howard, Technology Support Specialist

Alisha Clarke, Technology Support Specialist

Alex Moquist, IT Project Manager

Judith Seidel, Lower School Technology Integrator

Remy Mansfield, Middle School Technology Integrator

Adam Jackerel, Upper School Technology Integrator

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