How to Use Toshiba-Find-Me-Print (iOS)

Please note that different iOS apps have different methods for printing documents with unique menus and options. The instructions below provide generic guidelines for printing from an iOS device.

Please also note, your device will need to be on an approved Friend's WiFi network for this to work.


 Step1: Print your document from whichever app you are using

Step 2: If prompted to choose between AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, choose AirPrint

Step 3: From the list of available printers, choose Toshiba-Find-Find-Me-Print



Step 4: Once you’ve sent your print job, you will be prompted for your username and password.  This is the same username and password you use to access the Friends website.



Your print job is now sent, but it will not be released until you go to the Library copier, log in with your Student ID and release the job.  For instructions on how to login to the copier see here:



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